Real World Examples

: Connecting more than one computer to the internet

Situation: You have a broadband internet connection and you already access email and the web from your own PC. The kids are getting bigger and are starting to use laptops. So now you all want to use the web at the same time. The question is how can all those computers be made to share the internet link?

Keywords: Networking, Broadband, Internet sharing

Quick Answer: Replace your standard modem with an ADSL modem/router and connect all the computers to it. This will allow you to share your connection with everyone in the house.

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: Doing Regular Backups - Don't Lose Your Precious Files

Situation: You use the computer a lot for emails, creating documents, storing pictures from the digital camera and doing the finances. What would you do if the hard disk inside you computer stops working? This really does happen and people lose everything, all those beautiful pictures of the kids, the university dissertation, the house finance records and all their emails going back years. This doesn't have to happen. A simple regular backup can save everything and allow you to replace the hard disk and restore the files as before. So what do you need to do?

Keywords: Backups, Data Loss, Data Recovery

Quick Answer 1 : Purchase a USB external hard disk and make copy of your own files once a week. For pictures, burn them to CD or DVD so that you have a further copy.

Quick Answer 2: Sign up for an online backup service and allow your files to be synchronised to a remote backup server every day

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: Protect your computers from viruses and malware

Situation: The internet is full of viruses, spyware and shady individuals that want to gain control of valuable information. Most of these attacks come through email or from infected websites. You need to protect your systems from this threat. What can you do?

Keywords: Viruses, Anti-Virus, AVG, Sophos, Malware, Spyware

Home User Answer: Download the free version of AVG and install it on all your computers.

Business User Answer: Select a quality business Anti-Virus product and install it on all business computers. We recommed Sophos and AVG business.

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