Most businesses in the industrialised world are critically dependent on computer systems of one sort or another. This dependence has spilled over into our domestic and personal lives to the extent that the computer has become a necessisity. With so much importance placed on a box of electronics it is important to get the system that meets your domestic or business needs. But how do you choose? Well, we have produced guides for choosing computers for home and for business. Armed with this knowledge you will make a good informed choice and get great value for money.

Computers For Business
So either you are the owner of a small business or you have been given the IT role in your company and lumbered with the task of managing you company's IT systems. Dont worry help is at hand.

The type of system you require depends on the number of people that will use it and the commercial requirements of the business. If you are a one person company then one computer should be enough but when you get to 5 people there are benefits to adding a server to store files in one place. When the company gets bigger so does the number of computers and group applications like email and databases tend to be added. In this section we will look at typical systems starting with a sole trader and progressing through small companies and then to medium and large scale systems.

Sole Trader
In a one person company the computer will be used to do just about all of the admin including marketing, accounting, research and customer communications. That little box will be full of critical company data so it has to be powerful and reliable.

Home Computers
Go to one of the high street megastores and prepare to be swamped with jargon and the hard sell. Alternatively get clued up, know exactly what you need and what would be nice to have. Then look at the whole market with smart eyes and you will get the computer you want at the right price.



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