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18 November 2008

With Virtual Desktop this is now more real than ever before. All your applications, data and files are with you anytime, anyplace in the world. Virtual Desktops are highly reliable, secure, and flexible designed to be on demand when you want and need to work.

Virtual Desktop help to reduce desktop costs dramatically, improve manageability, and enhance security as well as being greener and leaner in the environmental area. With our PAYG subscription based model we provide a service that includes the latest Microsoft Office, Push Email MS Exchange, ample data storage, daily backup of your data on and off site, security firewalls, anti-virus/spam filters and of course IT Support.

As our Virtual Desktop is device agnostic, you can access your desktop via PC, Mac, iPhone, PDA, Thin Client, Internet Café…basically anything that gives you access to the internet.

You have a meeting to attend and your Laptop runs out of power; you can still access the Presentation via any other internet enabled device at the client’s site without having to worry.

Your colleague in New York needs urgent files that are too big to email, in the UK you find the files and place them in the shared drive on Virtual Desktop and instantly your colleague in New York has them to hand.

Your train into work has been delayed; you relax and carry on working with the trains Wi-Fi and Virtual Desktop just as if you were in the office. Even if you lost your laptop on the train you have not lost any vital private data as that is safe and secure in our Datacentre.




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