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16 Feb 2008 - Companies delay Vista migration

Microsoft's latest desktop operating system, Windows Vista, has not impressed company IT managers in the UK. Surveys have revealed that more than 50% of companies are planning to wait 13 months before starting the migration to Vista.

Many IT managers remember the move to XP and the lack of stability prior to the issue of service pack 1. In fact the operating system was really only accepted as the finished article after the rollout of servce pack 2. With these lessons of history in mind companies are opting to wait until Vista has proved itself. Of course many PC sellers are only offering Vista on new computers and this will help to get it out there but for the most part it will be in the domestic market where the customers tend to be easier to push towards new products.

A lot of people have tried Vista and the main complaints are about the high level of equipment required to run it and the fact that many applications are still not compatible.

Inevitably Vista will be the main windows operating system but it is only likely to happen in the corporate world when sufficient appropriate new hardware has been purchased and services packs released




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