Broadband Routers

So which broadband routers are good and what do they cost? Here are a few that we have found to be easy to use and work very well.


The Netgear DG834 range connects directly to your phoneline and lets you plug in 4 computers via cables and as many as you like via the wireless interface.

DG834 - The simple option - no wireless just cables. Share your broadband with 4 computers in your home or connect it to an ethernet switch for more users in a business setting. [ Price range: £45 - £60 ]

DG834G - Same as the DG834 but with wireless capability. Works really well in modern houses with stud walls. We have found problems with signal coverage in houses with thick stone walls. [Price range: £65 - £85 ]

DG834GT - This one offers a bit more bandwidth and speed on the wireless link - in fact it is about twice as fast when using local resources. The actual internet download speed is not improved but it is worth using this model if your wireless coverage is medium. The extra bandwidth will make up for the weaker signal coverage.
[Price range: £55 - £75 ]



Draytek have an excellent range of routers that are particularly suited to business use. The products come with many features that other manufacturers charge extra for or license seperately.

We particularly recommend the Vigor 2820 range. This product connects to ADSL and ADSL2+ circuits. It also has VOIP ports and a robust firewall. This product is especially good for setting up site to site virtual private networks.
[ Price Range: £175 - £195 ]





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