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Business is increasingly dependent on computers for everything from administration to communications and so it is very imporatant that as business owner you engage the services of a reliable IT provider. There are many to choose from and it is tempting to go with one of the large organisations that have turned their hand to computer support as an addition to their normal business. The problem is that these organisations are much better at marketing then they are at IT. So we recommend that you consider your choice of supplier carefully. It may even be appropriate to have more that one supplier but here are a few key points to look for in an IT company.

  • Choose a supplier that has a local presence.
  • Go for reliability and trust over slick marketing and glossy brochures
  • Get recomendations from other business people and ask potential suppliers for references
  • Don't choose the cheapest but do ensure the standard fee rates are in you budget range.
  • Meet the suppliers and see if you like them

For excellent Business IT Support we recommend IT Support Partners.

IT Support Partners
St Johns Innovation Centre
Cowley Road

Tel: (01223) 850800






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